How To Make a WhatsApp Ringtone With The Name of The Sender

The way to make a WA ringtone by calling the sender’s name is actually very easy and can be made on your cellphone. Come on, follow the steps through the following article.

Let’s make your WA ringtone with this truly unique sender name. Only one click can change your whatsapp ringtone.

To change the tone of the WhatsApp message to mention the name of the WhatsApp message sender, we need an application.

The application that I share works like our virtual assistant. The application is able to easily read various notifications from the WhatsApp application.

The way the application works is very simple, every time there is an incoming message/call, the application will read the name of the contact we wrote in WA.

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Download the WhatsApp Ringtone Change Application Calling the Sender’s Name

As an example, for example, when a WhatsApp comes in, a ringtone notification is generated like, “Hey Ayu, there’s an incoming WhatsApp message, here.”

To make a ringtone for WhatsApp, you say the sender’s name, you can follow all the steps below carefully.

– First of all download the application which is provided here Download the WhatsApp Ringtone Application .

– Install the application and make sure the application is installed correctly.

– After that, an  Important notification will appear. If the notification appears, please click the  YES button.

– Next, please set notification access and click  Enable


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So, that was the way to make the WhatsApp ringtone say the Sender’s name. Don’t forget to share this article with others.