11 Best Money Making Apps At Home


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The essence of Appbonus is simple – you install it on your smartphone, complete simple tasks and get a pretty penny for it. The tasks are simple: download a program and open it for several days in a row, write a comment, like or watch a commercial. 

Tasks are updated several times a day, so that, periodically looking in, you can successfully pick up more expensive orders. You won’t be able to earn a lot with Appbonus, but this is quick Money Making Apps on Android for students and schoolchildren. 

You can have 300 rubles for a phone or Internet payment without any problems. Moreover, you can withdraw money at least immediately to the number, at least to any popular electronic wallet.

Paid Surveys for Money

Do you like taking surveys? There is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure and organize yourself a small internet earnings through Android. 

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They throw a survey to you, you answer honestly on all points, and Money Making Apps drips into your virtual account. 

Offers the application and other tasks: write reviews, put likes, install games, watch videos, repost various content, and even write full-fledged texts. 

The more difficult the task, the more they pay. Money is generally small, but nothing will be demanded from you. You can withdraw the earned money to e-wallets Qiwi, Webmoney, YuMoney or directly to your mobile phone account.


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IPweb SurfRu

Another universal software for Money Making Apps is IPweb SurfRu. It is a standard aggregator of various tasks from very simple to more complex. 

There are tons of options to make money, from banal clicks and site views to voting and reading promotional emails. 

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Among the advantages of the program is a convenient interface in Russian and quick withdrawal of money to almost any place, including to a card, which is already available from 3 rubles. 

Very modest, but stable and easy income, which is well suited for beginners in the field of freelancing.


Another application with a large number of tasks in our top 10. It stands out against the background of competitors for its simplicity – it will not be difficult to understand the program even for a person who has never dealt with such services. 

All tasks at a glance, as well as the payment for them. You can earn money on games – installing and launching, watching videos and ads, registering accounts and much, much more. 

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Of course, pennies are dripping, but there are no problems with the withdrawal: from the minimum amount to Qiwi, WebMoney, PayPal and other popular payment systems, well, or a mobile phone. And even in rubles, even in dollars. Very comfortably. 

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ruCaptcha Bot

Captcha recognition is a very popular service on the Internet. It is not surprising that mobile applications have appeared for making money apps by entering captcha. 

One of the most successful of them is called ruCaptcha Bot. Just install the application, switch to the “worker” mode and go ahead – decipher the ornate combinations generated for you by the machine mind. 

You can come across as a simple captcha in the form of sequences of symbols or pictures, and very confused, where you need to count. 

But in all cases, without exception, you will be paid honestly earned kopecks without deception. If you constantly sit at home, then you can accumulate a couple of tens of rubles a day, enough for a doshik.